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"Margaret Wolf made it so easy for my child and I to take many wonderful portraits together, her style and technique allowed us to feel natural and relaxed, as she quietly captured our best moments." -Malika

"Margaret recently did a session with my 2 year old daughter Cheza and the experience was absolutely lovely. Her energy is so calm and as soon as she arrived, Cheza was immediately drawn to her. It was as if she had known her for a long time, which was so sweet to see. Margaret spent some time with her between shots and the bond that she has with my daughter as a result is very special. Then I saw the spectacular pictures! They are all very artistic in composition and Margaret's eye for color and scale is right on. They accurately capture Cheza's personality and all of her expressions. I was really struck by how they are so representative of her and that now I will be able to always remember just how she looked, how she made a certain face, and how really beautiful she was at this age. I have every intention of having Margaret continue to "document" Cheza's life as she grows up. "-Tracy

"As a mother of an incredibly photo-phobic three-year-old, my experience with Margaret was unbelievable. Her flexibility, ability to make little kids giggle and laugh and be themselves (not to mention her complete patience with a child who likes to dart out of the shot) amazed us. Margaret takes her time with you and really delivers a beautiful product. She has the right spirit for working with kids, even ones as crazy as our own! " - Malinda

"Margaret has the wonderful ability to capture the spirit of a person in her photographs. She has a natural grace and warmth that allows her subjects to feel completely at ease throughout the session and this is reflected in the pictures that are taken. It takes a special person to handle young children, and Margaret has that extraordinary touch that encapsulates the magical essence of a child into a lasting memory in print. " -Dawn

This is the kind of response I want from sellers and you made it happen: "WOW! The pictures really make the difference. The house looks fantastic. This is what we needed to do. I believe we will have a lot more showings and the house will sell quickly. Thank you so much,"-Natalie